Actors Headshots

Actor headshots are one of the most important marketing tools for actors along with your resume.

Once you start applying for auditions it’s important to have an up to date, eye catching headshot that shows you at your best. The headshot should be a perfect likeness of you as the casting director will use it to shortlist and cast long after you have left the stage.

Headshots can take place at the Violet Studio, on location or at your own home. You decide the location that you feel most comfortable with. However, we can help you decide if you are unsure.

The shoot will normally be 1 to 2 hours depending on how many looks and changes you want.

We normally spend a bit of time talking to you about the kind of role that you play, this is important to set the tone of the image.

We will have a chat about the wardrobe that you have and help you decide which will work best for you. When choosing what to wear, bring what you feel comfortable wearing but try to avoid black, white or flamboyant colours. But please bring a few choices.

Make sure that you get plenty of sleep the night before the shoot and are well hydrated. For the guys, grooming is essential, spend some time  to get a really sharp look. For the girls, don’t apply too much makeup, particularly not to much concealer or foundation, this can show up in the lights.

Once the shoot is over, we will send you the proofs then retouch 5 images of your choice. All the images are provided digitally to you and you will have the copy right to get them printed yourself. Alternatively, we can organise prints through a high-quality printing service.

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